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dol·ce vi·ta; Italian, “the sweet life”


At Stellar Hitch, we specialize in bringing out your best qualities — on the inside and out — before we introduce you to your match. The dolce vita of dating is about turning your dating experience from an arduous chore to a beautiful adventure. If you’re over “swiping and weeding” and ready for meaningful connections with a select few to find your “one”, we’re here to make that happen.


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  • "Stellar Hitch was great for me. It got me back in the dating game and gave me insight into how men perceive me. The quality of my introductions was top drawer. Cristina and Andrea are professional, responsive and made me feel they were selectively working to find a match for me."

    Lynn, Psychologist

  • "Thanks for everything. You have made a huge impact in my life and so opened my eyes and brought me more confidence to go forward in my search…”

    Jack, Sales Rep

  • “I always feel more empowered and less lost every time I meet with you. I really feel like my life will be great as a result of working with you”.

    Lisa, CPA

  • "After my first meeting with Cristina and Andrea, I left with a very warm feeling in my heart. You are a remarkable couple and I am so glad to have met you. I learned several things about myself that I would not have considered until hearing your version of life in today’s dating field."

    Mary Jo, Retired

  • “Stellar Hitch introduced me to my future wife! I will forever be indebted to them.”

    Stephen, Creative Director

  • “Definitely the best two hours I’ve spent on “me” in years! Thank you for your expertise as an Image Consultant. You’re the best at what you do; and it was worth every cent and more”.

    Liliana, Administrator

  • “Cristina and Andrea are very perceptive people and knew exactly what type of man I would like, and who would like me also! They are great matchmakers! My first date was a wonderful success, and has turned into a wonderful relationship. I recommend them highly!”

    Pam, Interior Designer

  • “Cristina and Andrea are a class act”

    Pat, Psychotherapist

  • “You really have a gift. You were able to bring two people together who may have otherwise not met by just knowing (listening) who we were and what we were looking for”.

    Jacqueline, Writer

  • “All I can say is "WOW"; how much insight I got on my persona. And what it told me is that I must start doing a much better job of revealing who I really am inside. The “cover of my book” is all wrong! Cristina you are a jewel!”

    Michael, Orthodontist

  • “I was immediately impressed with Cristina’s attention to detail and her efforts to really get to know me and what I wanted and needed. Feedback was offered to me in a gentle way and was designed to make me more attractive to the opposite gender. I have met some of the most elegant and accomplished women to date, none of whom I might have met on my own or though an internet-based program.”

    Larry, Physician

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